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Everyone should feel safe

while they boogie,

Stamina is about building a safe dance culture that enrichens communities with

our diverse fanbase, exceptional music & unique live events.

We realize no one listens to one genre anymore,

That's why we curate a broad range of

House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Afro-beats,

Disco, DnB & Garage


this is how we do it

At its core,

Stamina is about building a safe and inclusive dance/party culture where people can feel comfortable being themselves.

By offering a broad range of musical styles, we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels free to express themselves through music they've heard and music they haven't. We believe in playing music that's gonna get you dancing so no matter the genre, we've got you covered. But honestly, we just want you to leave our events with a new favorite song and excitement for more.


So come join us and discover your new favorite genre - who knows, you might just fall in love with something you never knew existed.


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Meet th team

Zeko Deshoda


Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Canada's great white north, Zeko Deshoda is a Disco-House DJ, music producer, and founder of the innovative DJ Collective, Stamina, which has taken Boston's party scene by storm. ​


Zeko's musical journey began in Hip-Hop but quickly evolved into a passion for dirty house records. In his impressive 9-year career, he has produced and released 5 albums, 10 singles, and multiple collaborations. His entrepreneurial spirit has been evident since he was just 16, organizing shows and building his reputation in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. ​


Seeking new opportunities to grow and collaborate, Zeko set his sights on Boston, where he arrived in 2021, determined to establish a DJ Collective and work with other talented musicians. Shortly after he settled in Boston he began to DJ at house parties in the college community of Allston. These performances led to the serendipitous establishment of Stamina and its members, which has become one of Boston's most exciting and innovative DJ collectives. 


Zeko now manages the day-to-day operations at Stamina, overseeing all Boston bookings, coordinating among DJs, and actively collaborating with artists in Boston and around the world. His ongoing commitment is not only to curate impactful events but also to nurture Stamina into a well-known and respected entity among event organizers and DJs alike.

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Saurik is a multifaceted artist, producer and songwriter from New Delhi, India. Being raised in a very culturally diverse home and city, he has always found beauty in the blending and mixing of cultures. This amalgamation of styles and tastes can be seen in his songwriting, production and DJ mixes. 

Saurik attended and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2023. This journey helped further develop his musicianship and appreciation for the finer details within the arts. He is always keeping up to date on the freshest sounds and has a keenness to curate music from various different genres. 


Beyond showcasing his musical prowess, Saurik extends his expertise to Stamina by orchestrating our events in Delhi, Goa, and across Asia. Notably, he collaborated with his brother to curate our India tour last August, enchanting audiences at iconic venues like Bergamo in Delhi, Rico On The Beach in Goa, and various Rooftop Bars in Delhi

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Genesis lara

 interrelated media

Collaboration holds paramount importance for our artist, who has had the pleasure of working alongside MassArts eventworks team, weaving together immersive and unforgettable experiences. Beyond the academic realm, their talents extend to the DJ collective Stamina, where they contribute their skills in designing captivating posters, capturing moments with digital photography, and creating merchandise that ranges from funky t-shirts to eye-catching stickers. This artistic pursuit has honed their keen eye for aesthetics, proficiency in color theory, and a knack for selecting the perfect fonts.


At the core of their creative vision lies the aspiration to shape spaces that serve as epicenters of unity and community. Her ultimate goal is to craft environments where individuals feel at ease, liberated, and perhaps even discover profound connections on the dance floor. With the lens of an artist, she is driven to capture the innate beauty of humanity, while promoting sustainability and consciousness through her artistry. Anticipation courses through her veins as she eagerly await the future, brimming with excitement to breathe life into new and mesmerizing creations.

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